Is 'Interstellar' Going to Be Amazing or Terrible?

By now, the excitement for Christopher Nolan's upcoming film Interstellar has more or less reached a fever pitch. Not only are critics already dubbing it things like "a triumphant vision," but there's consistently been some sort of promo for the film during every television show commercial break I've seen this past week. But, despite the hype for the film — which is set to hit theaters on Wednesday, Nov. 5 — just how good is this movie, really? Well, lucky for all of us, we may already have our answer ahead of its release: Speaking to People magazine at the premiere of the film, its star, Matthew McConaughey, revealed that he's already cried multiple times while watching Interstellar .

"I watched it, and I cried three times," McConaughey revealed, before adding that he even cried during the filming process because "it throttled me...even if you don't care that much about the science of it or even the love story between a parent and a child, you just want to go for the wild, epic ride it is."

Now, I'm not exactly sure how emotional a guy McConaughey generally is, but I'm gonna go ahead and rule that Interstellar is probably going to be a major emotional roller coaster if it brought him to tears during filming and viewing. Plus, based on what we already know about the plot — which seems to deal heavily with family, love, humanity, and reality's existence itself — the movie does seem like it's going to be a heavy one, so I wouldn't be surprised if it's the type of film to move even the most stony-hearted people to tears. The trailer alone indicates that:

That aforementioned excitement? Just went from fever pitch to unbearable. Can it be Wednesday, yet?