Megyn Kelly Parody is 1 of Many Great News Spoofs

You have to hand it to her, Megyn Kelly is being a pretty good sport about being parodied in the Saturday Night Live cold open this past Saturday with host Chris Rock. The cold open featured Cecily Strong as Kelly from The Kelly File interviewing New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and Kaci Hicox, a nurse who was quarantined for ebola. Kelly was pretty flattered by the sketch, but had a few critiques: "Cecily Strong was pretty good! Although I think her voice needs to be a little deeper and something else on her should probably be a little smaller." Yes, that’s a breast reference. Could a FOX anchor get by without something a little controversial? Probably not. But at least Kelly was mostly pleased with Strong’s parody, going on to say that the only thing she really disliked was her wig (“it looks like she had a rough night”).

Of course, Saturday Night Live is known for their parodies of news networks, perhaps the most notorious being their consistently great Barbara Walters segments (my favorite player as Walters is Cheri Oteri). In recent past, they’ve done some quality segments mocking news networks; the great thing about SNL’s news parodies is there will never be lack of material. Here are some of the best.

The Kelly File

The cold open that Kelly was a fan of. I actually think Strong's wig is just right, but I do agree, her voice should be deeper.

Obama on 60 Minutes

The dramatically lit 60 Minutes sketch with President Obama is great — Steve Kroft probes Obama (with all due respect) about how he could be worse at social media than ISIS. Beck Bennet nails Kroft's eternally furrowed brow.

NFL State of the Union

Aidy Bryant nails it as the sassy and exuberant Candy Crowley and welcomes NFL players Ray Lewis and Shannon Sharp to her desk to discuss the scandals that have run rampant in the NFL.

CNN Pregnancy Test

This advertisement for a CNN pregnancy test makes a perfect satire of CNN's propensity for constant, alarming news updates. You cannot escape.

Nancy Grace

No Nonsense Nancy takes down Kat Williams for being high on pot. "And you're right, I have already made up my mind!" is a perfect line for parodying Grace who is, to put it generously, a fan of the sensational. She also talks a lot about who's taking care of the babies, because that is Grace's number one priority no matter what.

Piers Morgan

"And what I lack in journalistic integrity..." Former news anchor Piers Morgan (Taran Killam) interviews Chris Christie about Bridgegate and Justin Bieber about egging in his signature tight-lipped, British accent. Killam does a great job capturing just how haughty Piers Morgan really is.

Fox & Friends: Climate Change

In the most incredible life imitating art instance, this Fox & Friends segment where Brian mixes up the NAACP and NCAA became a reality when Heather Childers made the same mistake on the REAL show. Apparently, you CAN write this stuff.