'OINTB' Star Shuts Down Anti-Gay Preacher in NYC

To those of us who live in NYC, seeing people preach on the NYC subway isn't an uncommon occurrence — it happens pretty much every day. The only uncommon occurrence is actually noticing when it happens because someone fights back. However, that's exactly what happened in NYC when Orange Is the New Black star Lea DeLaria shut down an anti-gay preacher on the subway who was ranting about the "sin of homosexuality" to a packed train on Tuesday. And, thanks to TMZ, it's all on video.

Judging by the video, DeLaria — who is also considered the first openly gay comedian to appear on television in a 1993 episode of The Arsenio Hall Show seems to have been riding the M train when she epically shut down the homophobic preacher. "You have no right! Go to another train," she told the man, before adding, "Get off this train. Other people believe other things and have every right to believe other things on this planet and in this world. We do not have to be force-fed this man's religious beliefs. Jesus never said for you to do this -- ever! [...] Don't come at me because I went to f***ing Catholic school for 12 years and I know every line."

And that, everyone, is what we call a win.

Check out the footage below.