5 Stylish T-Day Travel Looks To Save Baggage Space

by Alexa Tucker

I'll be the first to admit that airport style is not my strong suit. In theory, it's easy to look like, well, a real person when you're traveling. In practice, though? The call of my yoga pants before loading my bag into the car is usually just too tempting. Ahead of the mass amount of holiday travel that's about to take place, I'm making a pre-New Year's resolution: take more interest in what I wear when I travel.

I figure that if businessmen and women can wear suits on cross-country flights, surely I can deal with wearing something besides my ratty college hoodie for a two-hour plane ride. I'm slowly beginning to discover that I don't have to look like I just rolled out of bed to be comfortable, and I'll be putting this new knowledge to use when I plan my outfits for upcoming holiday travel days. Plus, I should probably show my parents that I own real-people clothes. Hey, maybe we can even go straight to dinner after they pick me up from the airport this time — every moment counts when it comes to crazy holiday plans.

Not to mention, the more stylish I look on a flight, chances are, the more room I have in my suitcase. When I swap my go-to TOMS for boots or wear a chunky knit sweater, that means space for more clothes in my suitcase. All about that. So maybe the security lineup will require a little extra effort, but I'm convinced it'll be worth it. Just knowing I get to see my favorite people will be comfort enough.

Here are five outfits to consider to lighten your suitcase and travel in style:

A bomber jacket over a floral print sweatshirt is a great way to stay warm on a frigid flight. And don't shy away from the booties — just make sure they have a stacked heel for the most comfort possible.

Wearing a cape coat on an airplane is basically like carrying on a big blanket, but way chicer.

A leather jacket and soft sweater work to dress up classic and comfy sneaks. Very street style-esque.

Yes, the knee-high boots take a little more work when you're gearing up to go through security, but think of how much space you're saving by wearing them instead of stuffing them in your suitcase.

If you can't part with your go-to yoga pants (no judgement), swap your usual hoodie for a cozy draped sweater and top the look off with a scarf and a hand full of dainty rings. A hint: I keep rings in a plastic bag and pop 'em on my fingers after I've gone through the x-ray.

Images: Fotolia; Courtesy Brands