FOX's Most Ridiculous Election Quotes

FOX News is known for its, shall we say, colorful candor, and election night is — hands down — when it's at its best. Not only is it the usual amounts of colorful, but they also need to fill in countless minutes of waiting for polls with their chatter, which makes for a pretty eye roll-inducing program. From the "war on women" to how hey, numbers are like, super hard, here are some of the best quotes from their election coverage so far:

“I am very concerned about the Obama agenda. My heart goes out to the people that have been hurt by this agenda.” —Mitt Romney

“All this rhetoric about the war on women and the war on one thing or another…people are saying that just doesn’t carry water anymore.” —Mitt Romney

"It's the numbers! When we have numbers we get confused." —Megyn Kelly

"You see a little bit of red and a little bit of blue, that will fill in throughout the night. Blue for Democrat, red for Republican" —Bill Hemmer, Fox News, while pointing to a map of Georgia's precincts reporting

"That just seems unnecessary. January? ... Well, you know, December? That seems reasonable." —Megyn Kelly on learning the Georgia Senate runoff may not be decided until January 6.

"We should point out we're in this one big studio. Hi guys! I just have a question, is it space cowboys or campaign cowboys?" —Bret Baier

"It's campaign cowboys. You are soooo 2012." —Fox Anchors

"Domino's Pizza came out and said, 'Hey, we know our crust sucks.' Well, the Republican Party brand sucks." —Bret Baeir

"The newly minced democrat....newly minted." —Megyn Kelly regarding Florida gubernatorial challenger Charlie Crist.

"I didn't know if we were going to make it through that segment without putting up that Cosmopolitan centerfold of Scott Brown...I talked about Mitch McConnell's Polio, and this was a relevant fact about Scott Brown" —Megyn Kelly

"Those are good years...good old times...1777, good times." —Bret Baier and Megyn Kelly

"How about Colorado and Senator Ud...Udall...I almost said uterus!" —Megyn Kelly

"Dark chocolate almonds which are labeled, tasty." —Megyn Kelly during a weird tour of the Fox offices.


Images: Suzanne Samin