12 Unique Candles To Celebrate National Candle Month, Because November Isn't Just About Thanksgiving

Yes, November is all about Thanksgiving, but it's also National Candle Month, which means it's time to cozy up by the fire — the candle fire that is. Breathe in that sweet scented goodness, and just relax.

Obviously when I become a celebrity, the first thing I will push for is a signature scent, but since that is years away, I will settle for a one-of-a-kind candle for now. Perhaps the smell of a white shirt after you accidentally spill coffee all over it? Or maybe the scent of my favorite chili cheese hot dog? Honestly, the possibilities are endless. In the meantime, I found 12 unique scents that are so weird, they're perfect. Why not try them all this month?

Sorting Hat Scent

Even if this smells like the sweaty and nervous heads of First Years, I’m into it.

Sorting Hat candle, $10.32,

Starbucks Iced Coffee Scent

Because you can never, ever get enough Starbucks.

Starbucks Iced Coffee candle, $12.95,

Bacon Scent

Bacon lovers, this one’s for you.

Bacon candle, $20.73,

Old Books Scent

This is perhaps the most comforting smell of them all.

Old Books candle, $15,

Margarita Time Scent

The season may be fall, but it is always margarita time.

Margarita Time candle, $25,

Canadian Maple Syrup Scent

You can enjoy this candle over a plate of waffles.

Canadian Maple Syrup candle, $8,

Angel Wings Scent

Not to worry — no angels were harmed in the making of this candle.

Angel Wings candle, $26,

Trashy Romance Novel Scent

I’m not exactly sure what a trashy romance novel smells like, but I’m intrigued.

Trashy Romance Novel candle, $15,

Pumpkin Ginger Bark Scent

Ah, the perfect fall/winter hybrid candle.

Pumpkin Ginger Bark candle, $28,

Dream by the Fire Scent

Don’t tell me what to do, candle. But, yes, I’ll take you up on this suggestion.

Dream By The Fire candle, $28,

Happily Ever After Scent

You can show this candle to anyone who has ever said happily ever after doesn’t exist.

Happily Ever After candle, $15,

November Rain Scent

Just in case the rain doesn’t make you sad enough…

November Rain candle, $25,