Scott Brown Just Lost, Again, To A Woman

UPDATE: Scott Brown is not conceding in New Hampshire's Senate election. Today will go down in history as the day that Scott Brown became the first man to be defeated by two different women in two different states in Senate races. Jeanne Shaheen defeated Scott Brown in New Hampshire's Senate election, clinching one of the two key states that the Democrats absolutely must win to retain any hope of keeping the GOP from controlling Congress. Now, all eyes are on Kay Hagan of North Carolina as she attempts to fend off Republican Thom Tillis, who has targeted her pro-Obama policies in an attempt to send her out of the running. Of course, Brown tried the same thing against Shaheen in New Hampshire, but to no avail.

Brown, who first gained notoriety as the very definition of a carpetbagger, decided to run for Senate in New Hampshire after losing his Massachusetts seat to Elizabeth Warren in 2012. Undeterred by his defeat, Brown thought that the best course of action to return to Washington would be to switch constituencies altogether, and packed his bags to moved north, much to the chagrin of many residents of the Granite State. This became apparent today at the polls, when one high school student told Bustle, "If Scott Brown can be a senator, I should be allowed to vote. At least I live in New Hampshire."

Of course, Brown's chances were never particularly high, despite a few close polling results in the last few weeks. No politician has managed to represent more than one state in Congress since the early 18th century, and it seemed highly unlikely that Scott Brown, of all people, would be the one to break the unlucky streak. Women were particularly averse to Brown, as Shaheen pulled 14 percent lead amongst female voters. Shaheen also won 58 percent of millenial voters.

Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Of course, now the real question is — where will Scott Brown run next? Earlier on Tuesday, Alex Wagner of MSNBC asked Brown what he was "going to do with his zip code" if his campaign ended in a loss. “You gonna go back to Massachusetts?” she inquired. Brown responded, "That's a silly question," before turning on his heels, probably in the direction of Canada.

Twitter also has a number of opinions on the next state (or country) Brown will visit with his carpetbags, but for now, New Hampshire is safe.

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