Tom Brokaw's Cellphone Becomes Midterm's Star

It's midterm election night in America. Citizens are answering their call to vote. Pundits are answering their call to opine. McConnell is answering the call to possibly become the next senate majority leader, and Tom Brokaw is answering a call, literally. While chatting with Rachel Maddow and Chris Matthews on MSNBC, a familiar sound broke through the political chatter. It sounded like an alarm. Was the studio on fire? Was Beyonce about to break in and sing a song? DID CLAY AIKEN WIN SOUTH CAROLINA? Nope. Turns out, Brokaw can be called upon to deliver the most important political news of the last two years, but he can't be called upon to silence his phone. Tom Brokaw's cellphone is now the most exciting part of the election.

At first, Maddow was just as confused by the sound as everyone else. Brokaw wondered if "it was him" and she assured him, as ya do, that no way. Couldn't be him. Had to be ambient noise. Because yes, when you're talking midterms on air, you don't expect Brokaw's phone to go off. Then, the 74-year-old veteran anchor revealed that YES, it WAS his phone. He preceded to fake-answer it, and have a classic, stereotypical conversation about picking up milk on his way home, and feeding the dog before he goes to bed. Good times.

Guys, it was a thrilling 40 seconds of TV. Relive the highlights: