The Witches Won't Be Returning

Well, another television show has been pulled from our TV guides, and also from our hearts, as it was announced on Tuesday that Lifetime's Witches of East End was canceled. I'll try to not make too many witch and magic jokes, but it seems like the Witches of East End could have used a little bit of magic to save the show after its second season. The show stars Jenna Dewan Tatum, Julia Ormond, Mädchen Amick, and Rachel Boston.

The second season, which ended in October, left many answers unknown. Unfortunately, because of the news of the cancelation, it seems like fans of the show will never get the answers that they seek — unless they summon the witches themselves (OK, that's the last one). The second season ended with body switches, a pregnancy, and a family reunion. Although the news comes very quickly after the Season 2 finale, I can't help but think that the show was not aware of this possibility because of the amount of cliffhangers the audience was given just weeks ago.

Witches of East End isn't the first show to get the cut this season. Unfortunately, ABC canceled Manhattan Love Story (maybe not so unfortunate, as the show struggled to really find its stride within the first few episodes), FOX canceled it's meta-reality show Utopia, and NBC recently pulled the plug on Bad Judge and A to Z.

Images: James Dittiger/Lifetime