Parson's School of Design Technology Gif Dance Party Is Everything

Congratulations! You’ve made it all the way to the end of the week. Doesn’t it feel great? And you know what you deserve right now, to celebrate your accomplishment? A dance party. Specifically, a gif dance party. Behold:

Welcome to the website that lets you take popular dancing gifs and build your own dance party, right there on the Internet. The site was apparently created by "Fuzzy Wobble" as part of a class for the Parson’s School of Design Technology, and has to be the best thing to happen to Fridays since, well, the Internet.

So put up your feet and drag your favorite gifs into whatever twisted formations you can come up with. Pack the dance floor as tight as you can. Dance along if you want. You’ve earned it. It’s all right here.

Image: screen grab from Fuzzy Wobble