27 Statement Earrings To Take You Through Holiday Party Season In Style

Is it just me, or is the statement necklace getting a bit, well, tired? So many of them don't feel very unique anymore, which kind of takes away from the statement it's supposed to be making. Enter: the statement earring. They're unexpected, chic, and they still let you keep the rest of your outfit minimal. There's nothing like a statement earring to dress up an LBD for a festive cocktail gathering or a big Christmas dinner gathering — here are 27 styles to consider adding to your jewelry wardrobe this holiday season.

Starry Night

Celestial Drop Earrings, $32,

Emerald Dreams

Tranquility Teardrop Earrings, $8,

Sleek Black

Pave Encrusted Teardrop Earrings, $19.50,

Mother Of Pearl

Gold and Pearl Oval Drop Earrings, $35,

Dramatic Draping

Draped Niagara Studs, $32,

Great Gray

Serenity Stone Drops, $49,

Pools Of Blue

Sparkly Waterfall Earrings, $19.90,

Super Sparkly

Renata Druzy Quartz Earrings, $16,

Crimson Diamonds

Teardrop Stargazer Earrings, $10,

Fancy Fringe

Selby Fringe Earrings, $39,

Into The Blue

Monochrome Galactic Drops, $32,

Delicate Drop

Peacock Premiere Earrings, $12,

Diamond Bright

Star Bright Silver Rhinestone Earrings, $11,

Lilac Loving

Rhinestone Earrings, $5.95,

Crystal Balls

Crystal Drop Earrings, $21.25,

Hot Pink Twinkle

Crystal Twinkle Statement Earrings, $14.90,

Sassy Tassels

Tasseled Earrings, $14.95,

Lavender Loops

Winter Jewel Drop Swing Earrings, $22.74,

Snow White

Mallorca Chandeliers, $41.70,

Iridescent Jewels

Jane Drop Earrings, $60,

Old World Emerald

Green Chandelier Earrings, $34.50,

Gold And Diamonds

Gold Tone Teardrop Statement Earrings, $20,

Elegant Brights

Kimonoi Glass Statement Studs, $16,

Stone Cold Gorgeous

Mai Teardrop Earrings, $23.95,

Spiked Glamour

Diamond Spine Drops, $34,

Festive Wreaths

Bouquet Rouge Statement Earrings, $48,

Tiny Teardrops

Tiered Teardrop Dangling Earrings, $16.14,