Beyonce Wears Topshop Dress, Proving You Don't Have To Make Millions To Look Awesome This Holiday Season

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Beyonce made a whopping $115 million in 2014. Go ahead and pick your jaw up off the floor. I'll wait... A Forbes report confirmed that Bey is the highest grossing woman in music. On the same day the news of Bey's bank account landed, the flawless queen and mother of Blue Ivy helped celebrate the opening of Topshop's Topman Fifth Avenue store in NYC by wearing a sequined, sparkly Topshop LBD that costs just $130.

Even though the singer has more money than God and the devil, she still knows how to rock cheap chic and fast fashion.

And since Bey recently teamed up with the British brand to launch a line of active/athleticwear line, she is already showing her support for her new business partner in multiple ways. What a team player.

The important takeaway here is not that Bey still wears inexpensive yet fabulous clothes when she can afford to have dresses handmade for every event she attends. You, too, can dress fabulously for fancy holiday parties without spending your entire Christmas bonus or the cash you set aside to buy presents for your besties and loved ones!

Topshop model Cara Delevingne was also onsite, rocking a halter mini with her newly brown hair slicked back into a tight bun. Hailee Steinfeld was also there, wearing a black belted, cream-colored ensemble, too!

Let's marvel at the ladies who love Topshop. LBDs reigned supreme. In fact, black was the color du jour!

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