How's Tumblr Taking Benedict Cumberbatch's News?

Upon waking up this morning and discovering the news that Benedict Cumberbatch is engaged to his longtime girlfriend, actress/director Sophie Hunter, I won't lie: My very first thought was that his fans on Tumblr must be going crazy just about now. However, upon visiting the social networking site and taking a look at Benedict Cumberbatch's tag, I think it's only fair that I apologize for that quick judgment; after even only a quick look, it became very evident that the "crazy" that the Sherlock star's fans are going right now is crazy with happy because their favorite actor just got engaged. No jealously, no hate, no outrage — after so long of covering Internet fans who send death threats to the significant others of their beloved celebrities, it's downright surprising and refreshing.

So, in honor of Benedict Cumberbatch's very, very awesome news — which, I gotta mention, was confirmed in the most subtle, adorable way possible, with a small announcement in the Times of London — here are just a few of those fans on Tumblr being excited for the guy rather than freaking out like the Internet seemingly assumed that they would. Congrats to the happy couple!

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