Seeing A McRib Get Made Is Kinda Making Us McBarf

Anyone who values their ability to thoroughly enjoy the occasional, indulgent, bad-for-you-but-YOLO run to their local fast food joint knows better than to watch a video about how exactly the McDonald's McRib is made. WELL TOO BAD. You're going to watch it, and you're going to love every second of it. It might turn you off to eating the McDonald's classic forever (or maybe not), but does it help if I mention that there are cute dudes in the video? Grant Imahara FTW, amiright? He can bust my myth any day (I almost don't know what that means, but rest assured, it was dirty.)

Imahara and McD's teamed up, using the power and majesty of the internet, to quash some rumors about how their food is made. By now I'm sure you've seen at least one photo of the pink goop (of the non-Paltrow variety) that allegedly makes up chicken nuggets. If you haven't seen Supersize Me, you are at least familiar with the documentary's general premise: If you eat nothing but McDonald's, you will slowly kill yourself.

This whole magical tour was inspired by one teacher who tweeted a shocked response to the image of a crate of frozen McRibs being unpacked. It went kinda viral and everyone was like "WHAT ARE WE EVEN EATING, WHAT IS LIFE?" Firmly in PR crisis-control mode (helmed by Olivia Pope, I assume), Mickey D's invited the teacher to see exactly how McRib's were made and, hopefully, change his mind about them in the process:

Oh, McDonald's. The fast food behemoth knows its strengths, and has a killer team to manage all of its weaknesses. That's probably why they don't just still exist, but continue to thrive. That, and everyone in our country is poor and don't have nearly enough access to reasonably priced, healthy food – but also PR! Everyone is all smiles by the time the factory tour is done and McRibs a-plenty are consumed. But here's the thing: You're running a campaign and the crux of your argument is "See?! Our food isn't totally disgusting, we swear! That in and of itself is a GIANT RED FLAG that you've got other issues that need sorting. At the factory we learn that the McRib is made from "normal pork" which is ground up, filled with preservatives and salt, and then frozen. This was supposed to be reassuring. It was not. McRib = Still nasty, yo.

Image: Getty Images