Mindy Kaling's 9 Greatest Contributions Prove Why She's 'Glamour's Woman of the Year

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Mindy Kaling wrote in her life changing book, Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?, "Everyone has a moment when they discover they love Amy Poehler." But I think it's just as true that everyone also has a moment when they discover they love Mindy Kaling. For me, it was when I first found The Office, my favorite TV show of all time. She pulled off Kelly Kapoor so flawlessly, and when I discovered she was responsible for writing many of my favorite one-liners? Kaling became my idol. And now, Glamour is having their moment. Kaling's officially been named one of the magazine's women of the year.

Aside from scoring a ridiculously gorgeous photo and write up in Glamour, Kaling has already contributed so much to society. After all, where would we be on Tuesday nights if not watching The Mindy Project? And on the days where we feel discouraged, how would we cope without Mindy's many words of wisdom to pull us through?

Click through to see everything Mindy's bestowed upon us — and don't worry, it's a lot.

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