First 'Mockingjay' Clip Shows Us Capitol Peeta

I am counting down the days until The Hunger Games, Mockingjay, Part 1 hits theaters — and reveling in the knowledge that we're destined to see more chunks of this movie in the coming weeks. Now that the final trailer is out they've started releasing Mockingjay clips, beginning with one that showcases the moment when it's revealed to Katniss and the rest of the citizens of Panem that Peeta is alive. But is he well? And should they really be listening to what he has to say about the games and the revolution?

Both Katniss and Peeta have a lot to navigate in this movie — when have they not? — and this clip shows two sides of a very complicated, hacked-at coin. It's clear from Katniss' face in this clip (and her beating-up of Haymitch at the end of Catching Fire) that Peeta's well-being is crucial to her. What's not clear (at least yet, and at least, if you haven't read the book) is what kind of duress Peeta was under when he gave his statement.

The Hunger Games series revolves around a revolution from the very beginning to the very end, but it's the kids at the center of that revolution who have helped make it a story that's resonated so successfully. These kids are at their most confused and tormented in Mockingjay— and considering what's been happening to them since the first movie, that's saying something.

Image: Lionsgate