17 of Oprah's Favorite Things For Women Under 30 Because Everyone Needs a Matching PJ Set

IT'S HEEEEERE! Oprah has released her list of favorite things for the holidays, and like all things Oprah, we must worship these items because Oprah is an arbiter of taste. Of course, Oprah has more money than God, so many of her picks are quite pricey and for an older crowd with more disposable income, but for us women under 30 that still flock to the shrine of Oprah, there are quite a few items on her list of 77 that are affordable or, at least, justifiable impulse purchases. Happy Holidays 2014 —treat yourself!

'What I Know For Sure,' $25

Let’s begin with personal advice from the Boss herself. What I Know For Sure is “a compilation collected and updated from the column I’ve been writing for this magazine since 2000, is packed with my very personal answers.” Who better to make you feel better about being unsure about your life in your mid-twenties (a terrible time) than Oprah?

Image: Macmillan

Golden Beats by Dre, $700

OK, here me out. I DO NOT recommend buying the golden version of these headphones, which make Oprah want to “get her dance on.” As beautiful as they are, $700 is no chump change. But there are other Beats by Dre that ain’t so unaccessible. Of course Oprah would choose the gold, because everything she touches turns to gold.

Image: Neiman Marcus

French Bistro Coffee Mugs, $120 for 4

Is a $30 mug outrageous? Well, slightly. But do you want to feel like Oprah in the morning, holding a warm cup of French press and thinking about how you’re gonna kill it today? Absolutely.

Image: Canvas Home Store

No Matchy-Matchy Initial Stud Earrings, $80 - $150

Initials are totally on trend right now and also forever. These earrings from Red C Jewels are soooo adorable, and! Because Oprah is The Most Benevolent, “all the girls at the Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy are getting them for their birthday.”

Image: Red C Jewels

Sheepy Fleece Robe, $84

If you want to work on your night cheese like Liz Lemon, another Oprah lover, get this cushy robe. There are few things in life that make me feel more luxurious than spending a day in a bathrobe.

Image: Pine Cone Hill

Nate Berkus at Target Dessert Plate Set, $20 for 4

Target really does wonders for ladies like myself that wanna be good hostesses and have glamourous homes but LOL, that’s not a reality right now. Thankfully these great Nate Berkus plates are only $20 for 4 and have lovely black and white patterns.

Image: Target

Body Butter Trio, $14.99 - $56

You gotta moisturize before you socialize. There are three to choose from that Oprah loves. Dry skin begone.

Image: Doobop

Lurin Long Pajama Set, $155

After watching New Girl, I’ve been compelled to buy several matching pajama sets. Plus, jammies as daywear is so in right now (the same with fancy sweatpants. What a time to be alive). These are perfect!

Image: Marigot Collection

Astrological Star Map Necklaces, $48

Despite how little or how much I believe in astrology (it changes depending on the day), I still identity strongly as a Capricorn. These star map necklaces are beautiful, and Oprah puts it best— they ”make a great, glittery gift even when Mercury is in retrograde.”

Image: Sequin NYC

Warby Parkers, starting at $95

Here’s one where all us under 30’s are actually right on point with Oprah—Warby Parkers! The infamous, beautiful and affordable frames are Oprah’s favorite: she has 26 pairs herself. Dang.

Image: Warby Parker

Customizable Notebooks

One of my (potentially bad) habits is hoarding stationary; particularly notebooks, Moleskine and otherwise, to make endless to-do lists and jot down notes I may never read later. But hey, you never know! These notebooks from May Designs are customizable with tons of fonts and patterns.

Image: May Designs

Cote Nail Color Set, $144

Oprah says we must leave trendy colors to the teens and get grown with our nails.

Image: Cote Shop

Waring Popcorn Maker with Melting Pot, $130

Hear me out. You may not think you need such a bougie popcorn maker, but listen to the description from Oprah: “This 20-cup popper (which stirs automatically so the kernels don’t burn) has a melting station that warms butter, caramel or any other topping. My favorite is a blend of truffle oil, truffle butter and truffle salt.” My god…

Image: William Sonoma

Beauty Express Brow Kit, $40

Oprah knows that you should never trust anybody with bad eyebrows. Keep your brow game on point.

Image: Anastasia Beverly Hills

Mini Filled Bagel Balls, $36 for 36

I repeat: bagel balls. Filled with cream cheese. *faints*

Image: Bantam Bagels

Casa Dragones Tequila, $70

Because even Oprah needs a drink at the end of the day.

Image: Casa Dragones

Edward Bess Black Sea Precious Pearl Perfector, $78

This is one of the bigger treats on the treat yourself spectrum, but I for one want lucscious ageless skin like Oprah’s. She says, “I use this face potion — infused with crushed pearls — and get absolutely luminous results. A primer, highlighter and anti-aging cream in one, the velvety multitasker (by one of my favorite cosmetics makers, Edward Bess) will get you glowing.” I want an Oprah glow!

Image: Bergdorf Goodman