Editorial Manicurist Jin Soon Presents The Easiest Fashion Week Manicure in the World at Tess Giberson Spring 2014

Sitting front of house and watching the show at Fashion Week is amazing — but there's something magical about being backstage as models whirl about, getting tugged between hair and makeup, producers sometimes barking at hair stylists to finish up so the model can get into her first look. Oh, and all the amazing and genius tips ripe for the picking from the pros.

One such tip was gleaned from Jin Soon, who was prepping the nails for Tess Giberson's show on Friday. For Giberson's collection, themed around the idea of REMIX — perfectly imperfect, etc. — Soon came up with what is simply the easiest, least fussy manicure ever, which I do not say lightly.

First, on clean nails, sans base coat, simply swipe one layer of polish onto the nails. In this case, Obsidian was used for the dark color and sparkle effect.

Next? Take a makeup sponge and wipe it off. Seriously. Leave some around the cuticles, but let it smear and become imperfect, because that's the whole point. Now let it be. Don't add a top coat. Go about your day.

Lovely Jin Soon gladly demonstrated the ease on me, while I was interviewing her no less! This is what we wound up with:

If you have about 45 seconds, might I suggest taking this look for a spin?

Images: Courtesy Jin Soon, @yahooshine on Instagram