The Best Response To a Fat-Shaming Troll

You don't have to look very far on the Internet to find trolls ready and waiting to insult you with the vocabulary of a second grader, a fact that British writer Bryony Gordon can attest to this week. If you put something online, whether it's art, writing, or just selfies, chances are high you're going to get anonymous hate eventually. But that doesn't mean you have to just grin and bear it — for a lesson on how to react in that situation, look no further than Gordon, who exposed her fat-shaming troll on Twitter yesterday.Gordon, a writer for British newspaper The Telegraph, has dealt with trolls in the past, and she's even written an article on why she doesn't believe in harassing them back. However, that doesn't mean she can't publish their hatred for her Twitter followers to see, which is exactly what she did. The troll emailed the writer to complain that her "ballooning figure" made it difficult for him to continue fantasizing about her as, he admits to doing for several years, "right up to the time [Gordon] got married." Because the only time a woman's body isn't ready and available as an object for men's sexual fantasies is when she's seen as another man's property, apparently. What a gentleman.

Bryony, looking beautiful with her daughter.

He further goes on to describe his disappointment in her decision to stop caring about her weight, which she had written about in an articulate, thoughtful column last year, and demands, "What does your husband think?" He then suggests she "give weight loss a try" to "regain your former attractiveness."

In a show of restraint and class, Gordon responded to this mess of fat-shaming and sexism by posting a screenshot of the email, accompanied by the caption, "Reasons not to lose weight, part 856."

You GO girl. The email is so clearly ridiculous and out of touch that it speaks for itself, but how she managed not to go into a public rage spiral, I'll never understand.

Her followers have been (mostly) positive, thankfully.

Gordon has tweeted her gratitude for the support since then, and judging from her Twitter, she's moved on from the incident.

Now that is how you deal with trolls.

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