Olivia Munn Knows How to Make a Relationship Work

Balancing Hollywood, a career, and a love life can be quite the task, and that's exactly the case for actress Olivia Munn and her NFL quarterback boyfriend Aaron Rodgers. The Newsroom star recently opened up to E! News about how she balances all of it, and, trust her, she knows it's a lot of work. That said, she's willing to go the extra mile to ensure she can have both a job and a love life.

She explained to the entertainment outlet,

You just end up making those concessions. You make decisions because it can't all be work and it can't all be your personal life, especially when you've worked so hard to have a career. There's a lot of traveling, a lot of driving, and then you're just really happy with the decisions that you make. And for me, it comes at a time in my life when I end up having to say no to some work because I gotta be somewhere else.

For Munn, she's not sorry about having to make these choices, especially for where she is at in her life. "It doesn't make me sad or anything, because I want my life to be full and have all those experiences, so you kind of figure it out as you go."

As we all know, life can be difficult, and even more so when you're figuring out how to handle you career, your life, your relationship, and everything in between all at once. Munn makes some valid points here that can probably relate to anyone in a relationship, even if you aren't a popular actress with a football player boyfriend. I think it's safe to say that the sacrifices Munn talks about are all worth it in the end — most of the time.

Oh, and for those wondering if she and Rodgers are engaged, they're not. Last month, Munn revealed that her Green Bay Packers quarterback boyfriend did gift her with a beautiful ring, but it's not that type of ring. "This is a gift from my boyfriend, actually. I wore this for a premiere, and he had heard me talking to my stylist about being obsessed with it. It is such a special ring, and then he surprised me. It's not that kind of ring, by the way. It's not the special ring. I mean, it's a very special ring, but it is not the special ring."

These two surely seem to have a well-rounded relationship, and I admire the way they respect each other's careers, wants, and needs.