The Gosselins Need to Stop, For Their Kids' Sake

Someone kill this idea dead in the water: Jon Gosselin, of former Jon and Kate Plus Eight fame and now unofficial Ed Hardy spokesperson, said that he was willing to appear on Vh1's show Couples Therapy with his ex-wife Kate. "I would consider appearing on Couples Therapy with Kate. We're divorced, but why can't we co-parent? I was thinking Kate and I could do a televised sit-down with a doctor and work out our differences, because our kids are suffering." Jon, Jon, Jon. Are you Windex? Because I can see right through you. This is obviously just a ploy to get relevant again, and even though you're fronting like it's for the benefit of your kids, it's really at their expense.

Gosselin went on to say that his ex-wife Kate has no interest in reconciling with him or appearing on the show, saying that "she doesn't want her faults exposed." And even though Jon Gosselin capes like he doesn't want his kids to be on television, he seems to have forgotten all those years that he and his ex-wife exploited their many children for the sake of a dollar. The early years of Jon and Kate was an interesting look at managing such a large family, but eventually the show became an ugly farce of the family dealing with their 'fame.'

And to even continue to stay in the spotlight continues to harm their kids, no matter where they think they're drawing the line. Obviously there's a demand to see their drama unfold, but why are we so obsessed with seeing 'bizarre' families, even after they have unraveled? Kate Gosselin has been on both Dancing with the Stars and Celebrity Apprentice, and Jon has ALREADY appeared on Couples Therapy, so while he talks about 'co-parenting,' it doesn't seem like they are parenting at all. Bless those kids, because I'm not sure how they are going to deal with their whole lives being documented as they grow. How do you deal with being under a microcosm with everyone watching?