23 Holiday Gifts For Your Favorite Co-Worker

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Holiday shopping can be really overwhelming, especially when you start to take count of the people you need to buy gifts for. From your parents to your best friends to that one crucial just-in-case-I-forgot-somebody present, the list always seems endless.

As if picking out the perfect present for your family and friends isn’t difficult enough, there’s also the often tricky matter of finding the right gifts for your favorite co-workers. You want to find something fun and enjoyable, but also practical and appropriate for a professional relationship. Not to mention, you want to find something that won’t max out your credit card or completely blow your remaining gift-giving budget. That’s a lot to ask for in just one present. Luckily, we’re here to help you out.

This list features a bunch of different possible gift options — from office-specific items to fashionable accessories and beyond — at a wide range of prices. It also covers every type of interest, with ideal choices for yoga enthusiasts to coffee lovers to Instagram addicts. Pick one of these great options, and you’re guaranteed to keep your place as one of your co-worker’s favorite office buddies ... or at the very least, garner a reputation as the office’s best gift giver.

Written by Michelle Regalado

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