Lorde Is Tweeting Us Presents!

Lorde is the gift that keeps on giving. No literally though, she's giving us gifts. She even said so in a too cute for words tweet about Lorde's birthday. Which means she's selfless, too, on top of being perfect and talented and ultra cool and everything we're not. I mean, do you remember the eve of your 18th birthday? When the most spectacular thing you accomplished in life thus far was passing your driving test and MAYBE securing a date to senior prom? That's right, we all suck and Lorde is well... deserving of her name.

And this isn't any old gift she's giving us, either. It's a new fricken' music video to accompany her new tune, "Yellow Flicker Beat," which is from the Mockingjay Part I soundtrack. The video isn't out until Thursday, at 6am EST, as said in her tweet, though. But, to be accommodating, she's tweeting stills from the video the night before to quell our excitement. Isn't social media grand? If this was back in the day we'd have to pay $30 to be a part of the Lorde fan club as we waiting patiently by the mailbox for word of an exclusive picture. Or we'd have to watch Making the Video or something. Not any more though, peeps. We've moved on up.

Check out Lorde's tweets and stills of the music video for "Yellow Flicker Beat" below.