Is Carrie Underwood Having A Cowboy Or Cowgirl?

Don't you just love when your friends reveal your baby's sex on live television? During their opening of the 2014 Country Music Awards, Brad Paisley revealed that co-host Carrie Underwood is expecting a baby boy with her husband, Mike Fisher. And, subsequently, #Bradblewit started trending on Twitter with fans calling Underwood's gender reveal via her co-host the cutest. The American Idol alum revealed her pregnancy on Instagram on Labor Day with an adorable photo of her dogs wearing little T-shirts that revealed that the pups were going to be a big brother and sister. So, clearly — if this was planned — Underwood just out-cute herself on stage tonight.

In case you missed it, Paisley and Underwood took the stage to introduce the 2014 CMAs on Wednesday night and, after exchanging quips about Underwood's pregnancy and her co-host wanting to be involved in the baby's life, Brad "blew it." Paisley told the audience, "I know something you all don't know. Suck it TMZ," before diving into a discussion about Garth Brooks. During which, he turned to the "Before He Cheats" singer and mom-to-be and said, "We should name him Garth!" while gesturing towards Underwood's stomach.

Was it just a joke? Was it for real? Underwood didn't seem too upset with her co-host for revealing her big news, so that must mean it's true, people! This will be Underwood's first child with Fisher and, apparently, her birth announcement officially has a lot to live up to.