Can Bruno Mars Top Beyoncé's Super Bowl Show?

Well, he's no Beyoncé but he'll do. Football is back, and with it comes a look forward to February's Superbowl XLVIII. While we won't know the teams for awhile, we do know who'll be playing for our entertainment when the million-dollar commercials and the actual football take a break. That halftime entertainment will be Bruno Mars, our favorite tiny Hawaiian pop powerhouse.

The 2014 Super Bowl will take place February 2 at New Jersey's MetLife Stadium, and with the announcement that Mars will headline the halftime show, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said that there's "more buzz around this Super Bowl" than any other Super Bowl that has ever existed ever. Right.

Considering that last year's Super Bowl halftime show featured so many Beyoncés that it literally knocked the power out in the second half of the game (allegedly), it'll be interesting to see if there's anything short of literally ascending to heaven that Mars or the NFL could do to top that.

As for what Mars will perform at The Allegedly Best Super Bowl Halftime Show That Doesn't Involve Beyoncé that is also still up for debate. Maybe "Gorilla?" "Treasure?" "Locked Out of Heaven" seems likely, as does "Grenade."

Relive some of Mars' musical moments below.