Slow Clap: Father And Son Hilariously Try To Make Sparkling Wine And It's Basically Like Real Life 'Modern Family' – VIDEO

This kid and his dad are my new heros. Yes, my hero is a kid who tried to make sparkling wine using regular wine and a Soda Stream. That speaks volumes to the person I am, or maybe it's a nostalgia thing considering I grew up with bother. He and I did dumb things like this, thinking we were absolute geniuses, all the time. The kid starts by stressing that the wine isn't for him, it's for his dad (fair) and he also stresses, very emphatically, that it was his idea (and not his dad's) to try and make the sparkling wine using the Soda Stream.

The kid hosts the video bit, and he does so like the greatest instructional video host of all time. I mean, just try not to giggle when he says he only filled the Soda Stream up half way because he didn't want to "waste" good wine on an experiment he doesn't even know will work. This kid knows what's up. My favorite part, however, is when he warns of potential arguments, saying in a very serious, very mature voice, "Wine does stain your clothes." Bless.

The fact that the dad and the son are embarking on this foolishness together warms my absolute cockles. It's like Phil and Luke Dunphy on Modern Family. Just a couple of cute bozos being cute bozos. Obviously, this does not go well, but I wont spoil it for you. Watch below for your morning giggles.

Larry G on YouTube

Image: YouTube