When Is The 'Scandal' Midseason 4 Finale? It Is Soon & There's A Huge, Spoiler-y Guest Coming With It

Even though it feels like this season of Scandal just began, the midseason finale is almost upon us. So far into the season, we haven't seen too much Olitz — because when it comes to Olivia and Fitz moments, there can never be too many — instead, it has been all about the Jake vs. Fitz storyline that will hopefully be resolved soon. It's not that I don't like the two of them going head-to-head with each other, but it's starting to get frustrating that Olivia's dad, Rowan, can get away with anything these days. When will he start to see repercussions to his actions? Well, if the midseason finale's guest star, Khandi Alexander — or Maya Pope — has anything to say about it, Papa Pope might be facing some consequences very soon.

That's right. Mama Pope is back — although she technically hasn't gone anywhere since she's been in that dungeon hole that Rowan put her in — and is probably going to cause some havoc in the Scandal midseason finale, which airs Nov. 20. It has been an entire half season since we've last seen her — see dungeon hole mentioned above — so I can only imagine the amount of plotting she has been able to do since she has been tucked away from the world.

Firstly, it wouldn't be surprising if she exposed Rowan for what he actually did to the First Son. We've gone quite a few episodes with Jake being "responsible" for the death, but the writers can't, and probably won't, keep that going too much longer as some of the audience loves Olivia and Jake together, and him being on trial for the murder of the First Son doesn't seem like the best way for viewers to ship these two.

Also, Rowan is due to be in some hot water. Maya Pope is a loose canon though, so what she'll do to mess with him is unknown. There is the chance that she could escape from her dungeon hole, which would cause chaos through The White House, as everyone — including her daughter Olivia, and the President — think she is dead. Proving that she is very much alive — said dramatically like a Pope would — would probably be enough to get the President to distrust Rowan, because her head was supposed to be on a silver platter!

Meanwhile, her return could also free Jake from the shackles of that creepy torture room B6-13 uses. Which could allow him and Olivia to be together. But for some reason, I feel like she will stay by Fitz's side this time around, since she and Jake have been spending so much time together. At this point in the season, I think we are about due for a switch up for the Olivia love triangle.

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