What's That Song In The James Franco Droid Turbo Ad? Found It! — VIDEOS

I know you've seen it. In an ad for the Motorola Droid Turbo, James Franco's rooftop party date's scarf gets snatched up by a wily gargoyle. His date tells him to not sweat it, but Franco will not be bested by the stone creature. He oh-so valiantly attempts to rescue the scarf from the wily gargoyle's clutches... aaaaaand promptly falls off of the ledge. By some sort of miracle, he does not hit the ground and flatten out into a pancake. And by "miracle" I mean "cell phone maaaaagic." The cellular device in his hand operates at such a wicked-fast speed that everything else by comparison seems slower, including the rate at which he careens toward the earth. (Or maybe there's an app on the Droid Turbo called Pump The Clock's Breaks that makes time ease up on the gas pedal??? That'd be wild!) And as he casually floats down, music begins. Music that one might say sort of sounds like falling in slow-motion. In a good way. The song in the commercial for the Droid Turbo is “All The Time” by Bahamas.

No, Bahamas is not Renaissance man James Franco's nom de musique. Bahamas (real name: Afie Jurvanen) is a Juno Award-nominated singer-songwriter. “All The Time” appears on his recently released, self-produced third album Bahamas is Afie.


"Curses!" the gargoyle huffs as it watches James Franco climb out of the dumpster in one piece. "I'll get you next time, Franco. NEXT TIIIIIIIIIIME!" The gargoyle grabs its MP3 player and hits shuffle. Music always relaxes me, the gargoyle thinks.

The first song: "All The Time" by Bahamas.

"Well played, MP3 player," the gargoyle mutters. "Well played."


Image: Verizon Wireless/YouTube