The #MillionMaskMarch Is Sweeping The Nation

Remember, remember, the fifth of November. If you've ever seen V for Vendetta, or heard of Anonymous, you'll recognize the symbolism of a Guy Fawkes mask: these were flooding metropolitan streets on Wednesday, when thousands of protestors joined the Million Mask March around the world. The annual event, now in its third year, is a worldwide movement loosely organized by Anonymous — you know, the hacktivist group whose aim is "to shed light on corrupt government in order to set people free from oppression."

From Sydney to Berlin, from Paris to San Francisco, from New York to Ferguson, people wearing Guy Fawkes masks gathered in city centers to protest — well, everything. In some places, the focus was on racially charged police brutality; in others, protestors were voicing their anger at government surveillance.

London saw one of the largest protests of the night, with thousands of people flooding Parliament Square and marching to Buckingham Palace and the BBC’s central London offices. In Ferguson — a protest hotspot since, of course, the shooting of unarmed black teen Michael Brown — a smaller demonstration of dozens of masked residents took to the streets and clashed with police; three protestors were arrested and one news vehicle was reportedly vandalized. In Hong Kong, where instability has been reigning for over two months now, demonstrators once again took to major highways.

In total, the group claims to have organized rallies in 481 cities this year which — though they were admittedly of varying sizes — says something about the state of frustration, and the need for cohesion, in society again. Have a look at the scenes from across the world:


Washington, DC

San Francisco

New York


Hong Kong