8 Harry Styles Bromances That Prove He Can Make Friends Anywhere

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You would think that vomiting on the side of the road and having a fan actually construct a shrine to the spot in his honor would be all the proof Harry Styles needs that everything he does is going to be the source of massive scrutiny. Then again, maybe he knows and just doesn't care. All we know at this point is that Styles doesn't consider gender important in romantic partners, which either means he's come out as bisexual, he's come out as open to anything, or he really, really likes to mess with us. The debate continues to rage on in the One Direction fandom and outside of it.

Then again, I suppose if one wanted to look for evidence that Styles is an open minded fellow then one needs to look no further than the wide array of bromances he has had over the years. Despite the fact that the boy band member has a reputation for being rather fond of the ladies, he has a healthy amount of male friends too — friends that he doesn't always impose strict boundary guidelines upon. Let's look back (and forward) upon eight of these bromances, shall we?

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