24 Gifts For Cool Moms, Because They Deserve Something Indulgent This Holiday Season

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Mom. The woman who raised you. The woman who always bailed you out. The woman who always put your needs before her own. What do you buy for the woman who taught you everything you know?

Or perhaps you're shopping for the new mother in your life. A good friend who's undergone a major lifestyle change, or your darling wife ... the mother of your child.

New mom or old pro, there's something all mothers have in common: They tend to put themselves last, allowing their identity to be subsumed by their new role. So this holiday season, buy them something they wouldn't think to indulge in themselves, because: indulgence? What's that? Diapers are expensive. Here are 23 ideas that, as a new mom, I wouldn't mind finding under my tree.

Written by Steph Auteri

Editor’s note: Alex and Ani is the sponsor of this article.

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