Britney Spears Won't Confirm She's Dating Charlie Ebersol But Her Secrets Won't Stay Private For Long

Hey, Britney Spears, you're on our radar, and until you tell us if you're truly dating Charlie Ebersol your life might be even more of a circus. If you haven't heard, Spears has someone new in her life, and all reports are pointing to producer and writer Ebersol. The singer is playing coy on just who her new love is, but in an exclusive interview with Extra Spears did admit to dating again.

As she told former Jersey Shore star Pauly D (um, I guess he's a special correspondent now? huh?) on Nov. 5 aka "Britney Day" in Las Vegas, "Yes, there is a special someone." She couldn't provide any details, but did say, "It's very new." However, that's all she would say. She's remaining tight-lipped about her relationship, and I can't really blame her. Spears is such a media focus, that I'd want to stay mum about any of my boyfriends too. Of course, there are rumors swirling about that her new man is Ebersol, who's father is Dick Ebersol aka the co-creator of Saturday Night Live.

Again, details are scarce about their relationship, but according to a source who spoke with E! News, the two "met through friends." This special insider also revealed, "He is the sweetest guy ever and they are very much enjoying getting to know one another. They are both very happy and having fun. It's just the beginning so no idea if it will become serious but right now they are having a lot of fun together."

I'm sure soon enough we will know more than we ever hoped for, because, well, it's Hollywood and no one's relationship can stay a secret, especially if you're name is Britney Spears.