Whitney Houston Told Destiny’s Child to Stay Together, But That Would Have Been a Disaster

Ten years after Beyoncé, Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams decided to officially sing their last Destiny's Child harmony in order to pursue greener musical pastures, numerous fans still want to see the super successful girl group permanently join forces again. According to Williams' recent HuffPost Live interview, Whitney Houston was one of the many fans who never wanted them to part ways in the first place. The former DC3 member recalls an unforgettable encounter with Houston, who told Destiny's Child to stay together and serenaded the ladies with their Grammy-winning song "Say My Name." Even though that was clearly a huge compliment coming from someone with a legacy as far-reaching as Houston's, the current career paths of the individual DC3 members show that their amicable parting of the ways was for the best.

As great a group as they were, the former DC3 members have made enormous strides as individual artists in markedly different directions — directions that might've posed some conflicts had they remained a trio. To begin with, there's Williams' more strait-laced image, which in my opinion, always contradicted with Destiny's Child's increasingly sexy image and lyrics. She's a talented singer and performer whose decision to remain true to her gospel roots has served her well. Williams' post-DC3 resume includes Broadway performances, an upcoming role on gospel reality show Fix My Choir, and she even reunited with her former group members for her single "Say Yes."While they weren't the tamest girl group members at the height of DC3's popularity, it's no secret that both Beyoncé and Rowland have since blossomed into ultra sexy versions of their former selves. And, like with Williams, their professional lives have heated up accordingly. Rowland has nabbed endorsement deals with brands like Caress along with multiple reality TV show appearances, while Beyoncé's amassed an endless catalog of hit records and boasts the undeniable status as She Who Runs the World.

In the end, all three former children of destiny have racked up plenty of accolades that could've very well been hindered if they continued with Destiny's Child. This is probably one time that not heeding the advice of a music legend ended with favorable results.