You Can Buy Some of 'Shark Tank's Man-PACKs

by Jodi Walker

You guys, Man-PACK's are manly — so manly. A quote about Man-PACK founder, Aaron Tweedie, from the website: "He would rather read Emerson, or Thoreau than any fictional novel." A man like that needs his own kind of backpack! A backpack just for him! OK, I'm being a touch facetious, because Man-PACK goes a touch heavy on all the "man" talk. Because what we're working with here is a bag — a very well-made and durable bag, it seems, that Tweedie will bring to Shark Tank on Nov. 7.

Tweedie is an army veteran and contractor who started looking for a durable, "masculine" bag to carry onto his construction sites, and couldn't find one... so, he made one. He raised $47,404 on Kickstarter in 2013 and began producing the Man-PACK classic, which you can buy on their website at the pretty reasonable price point of $44.95.

Man-Pack also started a Kickstarter this October for their "Platinum Leather Collection," which received full funding at $25,110. But, as the leather Pack is yet to be available on their website, it looks like Man-PACK might need the funds they're asking for on Shark Tank to facilitate more products, some that may have been pre-ordered. That's a good problem to have.

The Look

In my mind, Man-PACK was created after Tweedie watched that episode of Friends where Joey starts carrying a unisex "man's bag."

Because, yeah, bags are really useful. It should be totally socially appreciated for men to carry bags like women do. Messenger bags are a pretty common practice among men these days, but Tweedie wanted to make something that could accompany him on any one of his rough and tumble adventures through jungles, construction sites, Die Hard explosions, etc.

The Construction

Man-PACKs are constructed for durability in either canvas or leather, and are designed to hold a laptop or tablet, a water bottle, flashlights, pens, and other manly things in the various smaller compartments.

The Pitch

Man-PACK seems like a solid product with a good price point and a passionate entrepreneur behind it... but I don't know if the Sharks will get behind its limited market. So specifically targeting one gender with a product that seems pretty universal is limiting. If the sharks take to the product though, they could have some great ideas on how to expand Tweedie's market and make this the number one bag for people who need to walk through fires, all while keeping their laptops and pencils safe.

Image: Tony Rivetti/ABC (2)