A Definitive Ranking of Links from the 'Legend of Zelda,' by Hotness

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Nintendo has announced an upgraded version of one of their most classic video games. Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D is kind of a big deal, and my family is flipping out. My brother, to this day, hasn't stopped playing the original game since it debuted years ago. And it's a plus for me too, I guess, since I've always loved the Zelda series, if only for one reason: Link is like, really hot for a video game character.

No joke! Think about him compared to the other kings of video games. Mario's remained pretty consistent in his features throughout all his incarnations, and I live in New Jersey, so if I wanted a short Italian boyfriend I'd just leave my house. Sonic is a hedgehog, so that.

Basically, that leaves Link from the Legend of Zelda as the reigning hottie of the video game world, and thank god there's a lot of different versions of him to go around. In fact, here's a short ranking of significant incarnations of Link throughout the years, ranked (of COURSE) by hotness.

Images: Nintendo (12)

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