Drake & P. Reign's "DnF" Music Video Inspired The Following Jimmy from 'Degrassi' GIF-react

Thursday, the music video for “DnF” by P. Reign featuring Drake and Future hit the web (you can check it out over on FADER's site). Given the track’s title (no, “DnF” does not stand for "Diamonds n Flowers" or “Donuts n Furbys” or "Daffodils n Fanta". Keeeeep guessiiiiing!), it shouldn't catch anyone off guard that the vid has its, uh, suggestive moments. So, uh, it might be in your best interest to not watch it at work. (But I'm not about to tell you how to live your life.) Shot on the island of St. Maarten, the video depicts P. Reign and Drake knocking back Red Stripes on the beach, dancing in a treehouse, and hanging out with two ladies. OH and! Mr. Aubrey Drake Graham directed the video.

I reached out to Jimmy Brooks (read: I pulled some Jimmy Brooks GIFs), aka the character Aubrey Drake Graham played on Canadian teen soap opera Degrassi: The Next Generation until 2009, to ask what he thought about the Drake-directed music vid. He said he hadn’t had a chance to watch it and asked that I describe it to him. I was happy to do so.

Ready, Jimmy? OK. It starts out with Drake and P. Reign hanging out on a beach. They're, like, lounging and laughing and talking about the millionaire hotties staying in the villa next door.

I should mention: Drake's wearing a bucket hat. He wears it throughout the entire video. Seems like too important a detail to breeze past.

No judgment, no judgment. Bucket hats are back in a big way. Anyway, the two ladies in the next villa over lounge, swim, feed each other strawberries, and get sensual massages. This music video has no shortage of sensual massage.

And throughout the vid, Drake and P. Reign dance by themselves in this, like, treehouse thing. It looks super awesome.

Fair. Anyway, Drake and P. Reign end up in the two ladies' villa. There are many closeups on butts. Drake smokes a hookah and inhales smoke out of a wine glass. P. Reign and one of the ladies canoodle in the pool and the video cuts to a champagne bottle popping. Get it? GET IT? GET IT?!?!?!?!

I knew you'd get it. Nothin' gets past you, Brooks! Anyway, surprise: It was all P. Reign's dream. The video cuts back to Drake and P. Reign's beach lounging spot. Drake tells P. Reign they've spent too much time lounging. They must go chase P. Reign's dream. And Drake doesn't just swing his legs over the side of the beach chaise lounge and stand up. Instead, he hops over the back of the chair and runs away. It's wholly unnecessary, but it's a cool move. I'm into it.

It is a gift!

Images: avengers-feels, fratstar13, drakexovoxo, malikaaaa, drizzythephotographer, celebimagines/tumblr