'Agent Carter' Casts 'Jane The Virgin' Star & She's Probably More Than Just A Nextdoor Neighbor

We still have until January to wait for Agent Carter to officially enter our lives — but until then you can be damn sure I'm gonna grasp at every opportunity to picture what it'll actually look like when it gets here. That's helped along every time there's something newsy going on, as with Agent Carter 's casting of Jane the Virgin actress Bridget Regan. One more piece of the puzzle is accounted for.

Regan's most recently been on Jane the Virgin playing clumsy gynecologist Luisa's ex-girlfriend/current lover/current lawyer/current stepmother Rose. Before that, she was in a bunch of White Collar episodes and Beauty and the Beast, after a major role in Legend Of the Seeker.

According to TVLine, she's joining the Marvel universe as the nextdoor neighbor of title character Peggy Carter, who is "described as a small-town girl from Iowa who’ll have a huge impact on the life of the titular heroine." Sounds like a role that'll expand a little past being some rando Iowan named Dottie — perhaps even one that'll echo Captain America's nextdoor neighbor in Winter Soldier, who turned out to be SHIELD's Kate/Agent 13 played by Revenge's Emily VanCamp.

This show's gonna have a lot of surprises up its sleeve, and I cannot wait.

Agent Carter premieres on ABC Tuesday, Jan 6.