This Hyperreal Simpson-Themed Ralph Wiggums Cake is Everything Your Childhood Self Wanted

Baker, Simpsons enthusiast, and all-around hero Kylie Mangles of Freshly Sqeez’d in Courtenay, British Columbia has designed a hyperreal cartoon cum science experiment Ralph Wiggums cake. The Wiggums concoction was developed as an entry for Threadcakes, a site that hosts competitions for edible art. For her submission, Mangles created the cake with an asymmetrical internal diorama, bearing one-half of the child’s insides and answering all of our burning questions about the organ layout of a Simpsons character. The cake took her five days to complete.

“I really wanted to pick a design that would be challenging and make me try some new things,” says Mangles on the cake's submission page. “Well Ralph sure delivered on that. I have never made a cake with so many different colours of fondant or floating ribs before.” Mangles also noted that the cake took much longer than she’d anticipated, and this is presumably not a task she takes on regularly (much to the misfortune of any person who eats cake). “My roommate and I gave Ralph some love before we cut into him and mowed down,” Mangles adds. “He was pretty dang delicious.” Take a look at the pictures below.

So where might I find other Simpsons-themed delicacies? you may be wondering now. Fear not, reader. We’ve got you covered.

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Images: freshlysqueezd/Instagram