Taylor Swift Photobombs a Random Teen While on a Jog & the Results Are Amazing — PHOTOS

Y'know, feel how you want about Taylor Swift's music, or the fact that she's now the Global Welcome Ambassador of NYC despite, you know, not actually being from NYC — but there is seriously no denying that, as a person, she is really consistently too charming to handle. According to the personal account of a photographer's friend based in Nashville, Taylor Swift crashed a random teenager's photoshoot at a local park because she just happened to be jogging by and felt like it. Yes, the results were hilarious and super cute.

Here's the post, via Jezebel:

One of my former coworkers is a photographer, she does a lot of portrait work. She was taking pics of a girl in a local park and Taylor Swift jogged by, and just popped up in the pictures. I can't help it- I'm totally team Swift now. She is adorable and randomly makes people's day all the time.

The pictures, which were thankfully included in the post, basically show what's described above: Swift in full on jogging attire (yet somehow still looking flawless and not like the sweaty mess I turn into during a jog? How?!) with a young teenager who was posing for what otherwise would have been a normal photoshoot.

File under: Reasons why Taylor Swift is an adorable human being.