How a Soccer Game with 1D Ended in Death Threats

Big news in tween world today that you probably aren't aware of unless you are a 13 or 14-year-old girl: According to The Guardian, One Direction member Louis Tomlinson was tackled to the ground during a soccer game, and the player who did it, Aston Villa footballer Gabby Agbonlahor, is already receiving death threats because of it.

It all happened yesterday — Tomlinson has temporarily signed to the Doncaster Rovers for charity, and was playing a game against Aston Villa. Agbonlahor got a little too into the game — a.k.a., he didn't think he had to hold back just because a member of One Direction was playing in the opposing team — and he ended up tackling Tomlinson to the ground, hard. Though Tomlinson promptly rose up, he ended up limping off to the sidelines and spent the rest of the game throwing up.

The Guardian says he is "sick as a parrot," which is kind of an awesome English idiom.

As with all things One Direction-related, tween fans across the globe took to Twitter to express their distaste that their idol had been knocked to the ground — oh, the horror! — and began sending Agbonlahor death threats because, to them, hurting Louis Tomlinson is an offense only punishable by death.

For the record, the game was meant to be a "friendly" match that won't at all factor in to Aston Villa's or the Doncaster Rovers' spots in the English Premier League or the Football League Championship.

You can check out the video of the tackle down below. And tweens: Please stop sending Agbonlahor death threats. There's no point — your parents aren't going to give you a ride to go commit murder.