10 Things You Wanted to Know About Lesbians

If you've ever had a burning desire to ask women who like women invasive questions about their sexuality, love life, or haircut but just haven't found the opportunity, you're in luck. Comedian Cameron Esposito's "Ask a Lesbian" video answers 10 questions submitted by readers who are curious about the mysterious and wily ways of lesbian women, including my personal favorite "Are you afraid of eternal hell?"

Esposito is a swoon-worthy rising stand-up comic, actor, writer from Los Angeles with bold style and a perfectly chiseled face (I'm sorry, am I getting a little carried away?). In the video, she answers questions using humor and sarcasm no matter how ridiculous they can get, like "do you get turned on by looking at your own boobs?" and "if a spider gets in the house, whose job is it to kill it?" She even tackles some serious questions about issues of coming out and acceptance and some pretty standard questions that lesbians get all the time like "is scissoring actually a thing."

As someone who gets asked questions like these all the time, I'd love to see Esposito tackle even more bizarre questions straight people ask lesbians, like "How can you not thing men are hot!," or "Who turned you gay?" (Ciara in the Like a Boy video obviously) or the one I am unfortunately asked most frequently, "So, like, what's the deal with dildos?" as if people can't use their own imaginations to figure out what the deal with dildos is.

Check out the video to see her perfect responses: