All The Things Anne's Leather Dress Looks Like

by Erin Mayer

I try so hard to be on team Anne Hathaway, but her latest outfit is making it really difficult. I've been on-board with the actress's fashion choices of late, especially that constellation jewelry she sported at a recent Interstellar premiere, but apparently nothing good can stay. According to The Gloss, Anne Hathaway wore a white leather Valentino dress fit for a creepy Victorian era child to the 2014 World of Children Awards in NYC. It was not good.

How do I loathe this dress? Let me count the ways. The frilly lace collar, the pleated chiffon yoke, the weirdly too-short hemline... I could go on and on. And I will! Somehow, Hathaway managed to make this probably very expensive frock look quite cheap. Her bob hairstyle, which I've generally been super into, actually looked frumpy, as did the strange metallic pumps and old lady necklace she accessorized with. This outfit is just so painfully twee, and not in the Miranda July-meets-Wes Anderson sort of way.

In the interest of ~journalism~, I've decided to round up everything that Anne Hathaway's terrible dress looks like. Consider this a scientific analysis of red carpet fashion gone so totally wrong. But first, let's take a look at the original outfit.

Robin Marchant/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

I appreciate what she was going for (edginess, I assume?), but here's hoping Hathaway does better next time.

1. A porcelain doll's dress

Anne? Is that you????

2. A doily

Sorry for putting my drink on you, Anne! Thought you were a crocheted coaster!

3. Princess Leia's dress

I think Princess Leia's shapeless gown is actually a lot better.

4. An Ikea sofa

At least the Valentino dress is easier to put together...

5. A christening gown

Same demure neckline.

6. Elizabethan neck ruffle

How chaste.

7. Pilgrim formalwear

The bonnet would be an improvement.

Images: Getty Images, haveclipperswilltravel, jnshaumeyer, luvzdollz/Flickr, Twentieth Century Fox, Ikea, Pink Princess, Etsy