Mark Wahlberg Reveals Celeb Crush & You Two Might Have This In Common

Step aside Gisele Bündchen, because it looks like actor Mark Wahlberg is after your hubby Tom Brady — well, at least, his eyes anyway. If you don't know, Wahlberg cast Brady (known for being the quarterback of the New England Patriots) in Ted 2 and Entourage , because Wahlberg seems to have quite the obsession with the NFL player. Oh, and because Wahlberg is a Boston native who roots for the Patriots. However, I didn't know how deep his love ran for Brady, until he opened up to Bill Simmons on the B.S. Report.

Here's the entire quote from Wahlberg about what it's like working with the man married to one of the most beautiful ladies on the planet:

There were moments where I was improvising and I was supposed to be a super fan and I calm myself down before I knock on his door and I keep saying he looks like different people, so I have him sign something because I'm an air conditioning man and I'm trying to get him to sign his name, then the number 12, then "Eli Manning sucks." We kept playing around. I kept staring into his eyes. I kept saying his eyes are so blue — bluer than Daytona Beach and Spring Break!
Elsa/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

Who knew Marky Mark (formerly of the Funky Bunch) had such a crush on this man? It's pretty hilarious to hear him describe Brady in this manner. But, hey, why can't two men who a lot of people drool over also stare deeply into each other's eyes and find beauty in one another? It totally makes sense.

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