Nasty Gal Just Got Even Better

Those who think Nasty Gal has already reached its sartorial zenith are in for quite a Thanksgiving miracle. Nasty Gal will sell vintage Chanel wares beginning on November 10th, the company announced today. Mark your calendars, vintage addicts, because this Monday is bound to create an online shopping frenzy.

Vogue's Alessandra Codinha has the low down on the sale's most covetable items, and unsurprisingly, each accessory would tide over a Chanel worshipper until 2050. Nasty Gal's sale is comprised of accessories and accent pieces, not the boxy tweed jackets and shimmering nipped-waist gowns for which the brand is renowned. Instead, Chanel's adornments are an assortment of everyday objects which are elevated to the level of artwork with the brand's unique design sensibility. And with a price range of approximately $500 to $5,000, they better be Karl Lagerfeld's finest work.

Sporty consumers will be enamored with Chanel's customized tennis racket, sports bag, and visor, or the sleek black basketball imprinted with interlocking C's. A pair of Chanel skiis and matching case paired with silver ski goggles would befit those jet setting to Gstaad for the holidays. Chanel sweatbands in a rainbow of pastel shades and a petal pink Chanel Jumbo Word Bag perfectly encapsulate next season's unexpected Barbie trend. And a crimson Chanel umbrella with a matching quilted leather case is simply the ideal gift for the girl who has absolutely everything. For those consumers who love vintage and have a few extra shekels in their bank account, happy hunting!