Tim & Eric's Totino's Pizza Commercial Is So Wrong, It's Right — VIDEO

Yes, I know proclaiming something as "the weirdest thing on the Internet" is a little over the top, especially considering the insane amount of weird things on the Internet, but trust me — Tim and Eric's commercial for Totino's Pizza Rolls seriously takes that title, without competition. I must have watched it about five times before I began writing this article, and I still don't know what I saw. However, despite being allergic to gluten (and therefore all things delicious), I do find myself strangely craving pizza, so I suppose the commercial did it's job...somehow.

Tim and Eric, if you're not familiar, are actually a comedy duo well known for their strange acts, especially on their Adult Swim shows, Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! and Tim & Eric's Bedtime Stories. So, in that sense, the unexplainable weirdness (yet strange awesomeness?) of this commercial really isn't a huge surprise.

However, in a sense that is logical to, you know, reality, this is probably the strangest way to get people to buy pizza since the dish was first created and no one even knew what it was. And I say "probably," because I'm sure even back then, people were less weirded out by the idea of a delicious bread-based dish than they would be at a psychedelic commercial for "pizza freaks" that's so crazy it's brilliant.

That said, though, the commercial is still hilarious in it's own special way, so it's definitely worth a watch (or five) below:


Image: YouTube