7 Tips For Eating Healthy on a Budget

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Eating healthy sounds like a great goal — that is, until you walk into a Whole Foods and leave with a pile of debt. As we become more health conscious, it seems the price of healthy foods just rises, making it harder to afford good food. It’s easy for people to get scared away from healthy eating when juice bars charge $10 a pop and kale salads costs more than a cheeseburger.

A 2009 survey found 53 percent of people say they buy unhealthy foods because of cost constraints. That’s not hard to understand, as the price of organic produce could make anyone run in fear to the nearest fast food restaurant.

Luckily there are some changes you can make that will help you eat well, without breaking the bank. All it takes is a little planning when it comes to your groceries, knowing the best places to shop, and being willing to prepare the majority of your meals at home. Healthy eating can be very affordable, and it will end up saving you money on healthcare in the long run!

We spoke to Certified Nutritionist Karen Cohen to come up with a list of our favorite tips for eating healthy on a budget.

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