Are Cara Delevingne & Jack O’Connell Dating? Her Instagram Seems to Confirm It — PHOTOS

This is one question we want answered, stat: Is Cara Delevingne single? Well, it's hard to say for certain, but according to E! News, no, she is very much dating Unbroken actor Jack O'Connell. Sources told the website that they've reportedly been seeing each other for about a month, and it's nothing too serious. The duo is all about "having fun," the source also said.

Nothing official has been confirmed, but judging by Delevingne's Instagram photo of what is reportedly O'Connell's "love bites," it seems the two are at least spending time getting to know one another... with their mouths. It's hard to tell if this is indeed O'Connell. He's not tagged in the post, and, obviously, his face isn't in the photo. Well, thankfully, other websites have done some investigating and are saying the two "identifiable" moles on this person's neck are exactly like O'Connell's. Talk about going the extra mile.

Whether it is or isn't him, all I know is Delevingne is having some fun. Also, with that said, maybe she took a photo of a friend who got frisky with someone else and decided to display it on her Instagram? Who knows? I can say for certain that if these two are dating, photos will pop up of them together sooner rather than later. Those paparazzi will stop at nothing.