Nicki Shares Her Secret to Success

Nicki Minaj isn't just a pretty face with a sexy body, she's a successful, talented woman who knows how to go after what she wants and dreams of. In a recent interview with Billboard, Minaj opened up about her work ethic, which is something we all need to take note of. I had no idea how hard she works, and it is truly inspiring.

As the "Anaconda" singer says in the interview:

People don't know how heavily involved I am in my own career. I'm on 15 to 25 conference calls every few days strategizing with my team. I think a lot of artists sit back and have it done for them. Sometimes as women in the industry — if you're sexy or like doing sexy things — some people subconsciously negate your brain. They think you're stupid.

What can we take away from this? First, she works crazy hours, not only recording her music, but also putting in efforts in other areas of her career ensuring her success. I find it refreshing that she doesn't solely rely on others to do her work for her. That's what hard work is all about. I love a determined woman. Second, I admire her view about women. She's right in saying just because someone is pretty, sexy, has big boobs, or a big ass, doesn't mean she is dumb. We all do it, but we really need to think first before judging others by their appearances.

Minaj's former manager Debra Antney opened up about Minaj's amazing work attitude. As she told Vice, "There wasn't no partying, there wasn't no drugs, there wasn't no guys, there wasn't none of that. Wasn't no mess, she wasn't on a bunch of meds, she wasn't into drama. She worked." Antney now even finds it hard to work with other female artists based on Minaj's determination and never-give-up attitude.

Huh. Who knew? Admittedly, I've never really listened to Minaj's music, but that just might change. How can I not support a hard-working and talented female?