In Honor Of Its 10th Birthday, Here Are 7 CGI Creations Creepier Than 'The Polar Express'

It's been ten years since The Polar Express hit theaters, which marks ten years since audiences realized there was a limit to the amount of computer graphics people wanted in their movies. Don't get me wrong, I actually think it's a cute movie with a nice message, but looking at those computer-constructed faces, something just feels wrong.

But studios didn't really learn their lesson, or the demands of the movie's plot sometimes overstepped the budget. There have been a lot of times when recent movies have ventured into the uncanny valley, the term for visuals that are not quite cartoon, but not quite real either. Here are a few of the most egregious examples.

'Tintin' (2011)

Though this film did pretty well, it was pretty similar to The Polar Express in its creepy children factor.

Image: Paramount Pictures

'Breaking Dawn – Part 2' (2012)

Everything about baby Renesmee was a problem: her name, her weird thing with Jacob, her speedy growth. And she was super scary in the movie.

Image: Lionsgate

'A Christmas Carol' (2009)

This Jim Carey adaptation was a huge flop, probably because Scrooge was made to look realistically gross in CGI form.

Image: Walt Disney Pictures

'Beowulf' (2007)

Why they had to use so much CGI in this film is beyond me. Just stick with Angelina Jolie as she is.

Image: Paramount Pictures

'Mars Needs Moms' (2011)

No one really remembers this film except for how creepy the animation was.

Image: Disney

'Hulk' (2003)

This movie received a lot of criticism for its bad CGI rendering of the Hulk, and for good reason.

Image: Paramount

'Paddington' (2014)

I had a beloved Paddington stuffed animal as a child, and the promos for this 2014 adaptation make him look like the opposite of the bear I loved. No thank you.

Image: Warner Bros