Miley Cyrus Premieres 'Wrecking Ball' Video

As promised, Miley Cyrus released the video for "Wrecking Ball," on Monday, and while it's pretty tame compared to most of the singer's recent antics, it contains enough shots of Cyrus's tongue and pans over her naked body enough to calm anyone's fears that her wild side was just a passing phase.

"Wrecking Ball," the second single of Cyrus' upcoming album Bangerz, is a gorgeous power ballad, and it deserved a video that was as emotionally raw as the song. Unfortunately, while the music video contains some moments like those, it's mostly a 3 minute, 40 second ode to Cyrus's sexuality.

The video starts promising, with close-up shots of a crying Cyrus singing the song's lyrics. It's the most vulnerable she's looked in a long time, and it makes us hopeful the rest of the video will be just as simple.

Yet by the time the first chorus sets in, Cyrus is walking around in her underwear, licking a sledgehammer, and posing suggestively, naked, on an actual wrecking ball. The rest of the video goes back and forth between shots of Cyrus's underwear and ones of her nude body.

We get it, Miley — you look good naked, and you want everyone to know. The problem is that while gratuitous nudity and suggestive poses are good and fine for an upbeat, party-themed video like "We Can't Stop," they're unnecessary and distracting from a ballad like "Wrecking Ball."

It's a beautiful, powerful song, and a video with more shots of Miley's boobs than her face does it a disservice.

Check out the video below: